Thursday 11 February 2010

Pilates is good but pie and lattes is better...

Recently, my delightful mother has decided it would be good if she took up Pilates, but wouldn't it be ultimately more epic if she roped me in aswell? So, dutifully I finished work and legged it with ridiculous speed to my first pilates class on Wednesday night.

I was quite chuffed in many ways because I thought it would add to my bouldering ability, what I didn't expect was for the back of my legs to cramp up so much that I'd be writhing around on my Pilates mat like I was wrestling an invisible alligator, and also that if you can't scream when you have cramp it hurts infinitely more. My teacher reliably informs me that this regularly happens if you haven't done it before...oh good.

I concede that I learned a lot, and that it would be beneficial in the long run...pretty fortunate really since my Mum so thoughtfully signed me up for a terms worth of classes. Mondays bouldering, wednesdays Pilates, anyone want to add to my weeks work out?!

1 comment:

  1. Tuesday dancing stage? :)

    But seriously, that sounds evil about the cramping - Hope you feel okay the next day!