Wednesday 22 December 2010

The Bath Half Madness...What have I signed up for this time!

It's been a while er...readers (that sounds a little Beano-esque) and I'm back surfing the interwaves with the same lack of skill but piles of enthusiasm as I was before I move out of the comfort of Mum's house into the castle. The castle is a frozen forgotton place now and I have moved yet again, this time to a place by the river that actually retains some heat, and where the beautiful Ted Lavery can live without fear of chastisment from the letting agent! (Ted is a rabbit, not any kind of repressed minority).
Anyway, into the here and now, where at work today I made the commonly made mistake of entering the office at the wrong moment. A parent and my manager were talking and those immortal words 'You'd be up for that Lucy, wouldn't you?' materialised. Now, I like to think I'm pro enough not to run into things to hastily, but unfortunately I was in a bit of a hurry. Eventually it transpired that there was consideration of a running team for our nursery, now open to volunteers, or indeed the volunteered, and I was it.The Bath Half Marathon. Luckily, I *think* i managed to rope good old Kitty in too, but we'll se how that turns out. Any advice on how to train for such an ultimately heart stopping event, gratefully received! Cheers! :D