Tuesday 16 March 2010

Drawing from experience...how I long to be an illustrator

The time has come to follow my dream, one I think is manageable alongside real work and one that I need to try! I long to be a children's illustrator, I think I have what it takes and it would hurt noone to try, so this is the next project I'm working on, illustration...now all I need is a story! That, will be infinitely more difficult. If you have a story that needs some illustration, let me know aye? :D

Sunday 7 March 2010

Queen of the Green...Pub Golf and the hideous aftermath

Yesterday evening me and the other half ventured out in our golfing attire to play a spot of pub golf with Westbury Hockey Club.
For those of you who've never heard of Pub Golf, essentially it's drinking to get bladdered, not entirely pleasant to be frank with you, but something to do all the same.
There weren't 18 'holes' mecifully, but just six, the holes beings pubs, and the aim of the game to drink the stated beverage in as fewer sips a possible. You have a partner to drink with you so you choose between two drinks. The drinks were:
Pub 1: 2x Girder Shandies
Pub 2: 2x Addlestons Cider...though they didn't have any so for some demented reason we had Jaques instead which is more than a pint and wrote me off pretty promptly.
Pub 3: 1x Guinness and 1xPort...friendly advice: never EVER down Port if you know what's good for you.
Pub 4:2x Bottles of Heineken and to donate money to the charity of the pubs choice...a worthy cause, and a beverage not designed to kill you.
Pub 5: 1x Blueberry Vodka, 1x Tiger Beer...good band too.
Pub 6: 2x...to be honest I don't remember. By this stage I was pretty worse for wear.
It was not the best night, I enjoyed the Monopoly Pub Crawl much more so, but it was an experience and lessons have been learned (Remember: Never EVER down port).
This was all last night, so unsurprisingly after the walk home alone and the waiting for someone to let me in and nodding off outside the front door, I don't feel it was one of my finest appearances, and, as I say every weekend 'I'm never EVER drinking again.'