Saturday 6 February 2010

Old Skool: Stair Descending

Epic stair descending fail!
Oct. 22, 2009
Buenos tardes,

I'm feeling super sorry for myself today, in my rush to get out of the door to work this morning, I fell down the stairs. This would be acceptable I think if it was a full flight at once, but they have a bend in the middle, so I fell down the first lot, stopped, tried to get up, bashed my head and fell down the second half. I took a few minutes to get over the shock of it then dashed to work to find everyone waiting for me to unlock the building (I had the keys for some reason) and both my key children turned up at the same time!

So now I've been sent home because I look a little dazed and a bit rough, hopefully I'll be alright by 2ish, I'm fed up with home already!


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