Saturday 6 February 2010

Old Skool: Natural talent

Give me some natural talent!
Oct. 9, 2009
I have made a disturbing and distressing discovery this week (possibly yesterday, maybe it was always there buried deep within my psyche) that I have no natural talent!

I have it on good authority that some people are born good at things like drawing or football or music or what have you, but I can't think of a single thing I tried and was instantly able to do.

I'm utterly distressed, everything I have ever done and will do will have to be learned through sheer hard work and determination, and that all seems terribly unfair!

On reflection, I had to learn the things the hard way, though once I got it I was away, but it's an infuriating thing when you can't just pick it up with a disturbingly high level of concentration!

I'm beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as natural talent or whether it's all a nurture thing. What's your thinking here people? I'm reluctant to believe there are natural talents out there because I have none, so my view is somewhat tainted. :P

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