Saturday, 6 February 2010

Old Skool: Silent Disco

Silent Disco
Oct. 3, 2009
Hi everyone,

Yesterday I went to the Silent Disco at Komedia in Bath, and it was absolutely amazing! It had all the best bits of life in one place:
Headphones: The glorious use of headphones is really underated, here you can flick between two DJ's and rock out to whomever you so wish, but if you want chat with your mates you just take them off!

Tinitus (Lack of): Because your wearing said headphones the music is loud but not hideously so, and you don't get the horrible ringing in you ears.

Rhythm (Who needs it?!): The most amazing thing is (since im so lanky and uncoordinated) that because you could be listening to one of two songs that your lack of dancing ability goes either unnoticed or is greatly appreciated...sometimes applauded.

Good company (optional but highly recommended): You have your good mates with ypu and you can here what they're amazing is that?!

In conclusion, Silent Disco is the perfect combination of pub and club: talking and dancing and drinking.


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