Saturday 6 February 2010

Old Skool: Official Hobbies

Got myself an official hobby, oh yes that I did!
Oct. 4, 2009
So, have now done bouldering enough to make it an official hobby: I say this because I am quite possibly the most contrary individual in the world, so the fact I've stuck at something for more than two attempts (have been four times this week and once last week) is quite the amazing thing! Anyway, this is how you know when your hobby is officially a hobby:

1)You go more than once and regularly: The regularly is important, I love rollercoasters but I only make it to a theme part twice a year, this is NOT an official hobby.

2)You are recognised: Right I class knitting as a hobby but I concede that you arent really recognised, however for sports and stuff the people who work there should recognise you.

3)You enjoy it and enlist others: You're having a fab time you have amazing friends...what's the ultimate combination? Take your friends!

4)You write blogs about it on the internet as though you have some faint idea about what you are doing: *Cough*

So anyway, there is your step by step guide to getting yourself an official hobby, good luck and god speed hobby searchers!


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