Saturday 6 February 2010

Old Skool: The Monopoly Pub Crawl

The Monopoly Pub Crawl
Oct. 26, 2009
Good Evening,

I have returned from our nations capital, tired and defeated! We got to pub 21 and then they all shut at eleven, dammit!

Anyway, the Monopoly pub crawl works much like this;
Yoy get yourself a list of all the streets on the monopoly board, then go to each one and buy a drink or munchies in a pub/bar/hotel/cafe/newsagent (if the situation get's critical) or indeed go to a pub in an adjoining street! This also counts for stations but not the utilities, luckily!

Anyroad, we did ours over a weekend because neither of us had the inclination to do it in one day and get up at 10am.

Day One:

I arrived at the Hilton and parked my car in the carpark (don't get me started on this, £60 parking!) and checked in and what have you. Threw bag into hotel room, armed myself with my official Monopoly pub crawl paperwork, the book of '101 Things to Do Before You Die' , a fujifilm instax camera and a camcorder, which made for hilarious fun, 'Challenge Anika' style running through various tube tunnels. We didn't do the crawl in order, we did it the way it suggested on the website. So we started with 'The George' on Old Kent Road and then tubed it to Fenchurch Station, but were met with disaster as the Fen was closing! So we went to Upper Crust and bought a bacon Sandwich, it's a hard life but I try not to weeken. Anyways this was our only setback and things got easier from then on. Finished at 11 and went back to the hotel and had a Bellini (drink of the God's...and Venice) so big win. Also ordered pizza on room service; de-ca-dent!

Day Two:

Woke up fairly early to have an argument about Daylight Savings Time, because I didn't know the clocks were going back, but was glad of the hour extra. Anyways, today we started with Mayfair, then Parklane, then Piccadilly, all of them surprisingly alright in terms of pricing. Also bought a hat, hurrah! We were a little mystified on Pall Mall as there was a pub sign but no pub to speak of, literally an 'A' board with nothing behind it, was really peculiar! We got a good rhythm going until we tried to get the tube to Blackfriars after Northumberland Avenue, but we found Fleet Street in the end. Due to the amount of drink and walking, conversation got all philosophical and when we stopped for dinner on trafalgar square we talked for far to long (a very good conversation though!) and badly cut into crawling time. Anyway, we finished up at 'The Comedy' on Coventry Street at 11pm and thus we were out of time, out of will and out of balance!

We hopped into a black cab and had a rant about 24 hour traffic wardens, as I saw one and was utterly disbelieving, and blogged a bit, then we were back and passing out from too much drink. The end.

In conclusion, it was a jolly weekend but you have to be ridiculously strict with yourself if you hope to accomplish it! And since I don't like to take anything too seriously, we bailed out terribly, but it was one helluva ride on the way! :D


PS. Never drive to London. Failing that, never drive to London for a pub crawl, so that you can use the last day to finish it off!

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