Wednesday 5 October 2011

Something to Harper on About

Hello again,
'Back so soon!?' I hear you cry as the titles become ever more tenuous and yes, I am, because this week is rammed full of adventure and this makes Lucy very content with life.
Well yesterday, I went to visit the legend that is David Harper, former radio DJ, genuine voice over thingy for the BBC, and most importantly a very good friend of mine.
So I went to Cardiff on the train, as I clearly hadn't travelled enough the previous day, and met Mr Harper at the station. If you have ever spoken to him, you will see how he essentially sells his voice as his is awesome. He is also the guy I went on the monopoly pub crawl with, so he really is extremely foolish to take one of my wacky ideas and see it through. Anyway, he had with him the oldest working camera I've ever seen with ACTUAL film in it and we ventured off in search of breakfast.
We went to a proper greasy spoon and I had a bacon sammich and David had what can only be described as a meat fest and we both had cappucino's. He is one of the few people I know who takes coffee over tea.
After this we ventured off to the button shop...another shop clearly set up with myself in mind, and I spent a hell of alot of money on buttons (don't tell Andy).
Then we went off to Cardiff Bay and climbed all over it, walked up to the norwegian church, went back had a creme brulee macchiato in Starbucks (actually that might have been the other way around, all I know, is there was coffee) all the way discussing various TV shows we watched as small children and what it was in life that irked us (misuse of the term 'literally' was number 1).Then David attempted to break into his favourite pub (it was closed and he couldn't accept this)and we got on the bus back to town.
On arriving back in the centre we hopped of the pub for a few beverages (as again, David and I have much in common but most commonly drinking) put the world to rights and it was time to go home. What a fabulous day! :)

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